20 11, 2015

Going the Distance


March 7th 2015. That’s the day I committed to running the New York City Marathon to raise awareness and funds for the Dystonia Medical research Foundation.

I had never really run much at all in my adult life, much less for a cause, but for some reason, in the summer of 2014, I started running, like […]

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22 10, 2015

Wormy Maple or Ambrosia Maple


These two names are essentially the same. This occurs in maple species that fall into the “soft maple” family. the lumberman’s term for this product has been wormy maple. The appearance is actually caused by Ambrosia beetle that carries a fungus on its legs that causes the discoloration. The holes are due to the beetle […]

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18 09, 2015

Liberty Tree Part 2


The next phase of the Liberty Tree and Lewis Lumber Product’s involvement is very interesting.

A life long resident of Lycoming County PA, lived until a few years ago and worked out of his shop at home in Montoursville, PA.  He was a colonial furniture reproduction specialist! He was quite talented and his reputation was well […]

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9 09, 2015

Last Liberty Tree Part 1


This article will begin a series about the last living Liberty Tree and Lewis Lumber’s involvement.

The Last Living Liberty Tree has a history as old that of the Maryland colony. It was already a mature tree, green flourishing, when Annapolis residents staged their own version of a tea party and burned British vessel named Peggy […]

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7 07, 2015

Reclaimed-Antique-Rustic Looks Nice, Causes Other Issues


The current design craze around “barn board” type looks are sure driving the market. Suddenly, the distressed, knotty, weathered, discolored, cracked, punky, and pith look is “in”. This is the same wood that for years was automatically sent off as pallet material or low grade and chipped up.

But now people are willing to pay big […]

Reclaimed-Antique-Rustic Looks Nice, Causes Other Issues2017-07-05T16:29:06-05:00
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