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Lewis Lumber Products
Welcome to Lewis Lumber Products, your source for fine hardwood mouldings (also called moldings), paneling, flooring, decking and lumber.  We offer a variety of quality hardwoods to meet all of your needs.


Our Lumber Company
Located in North central Pennsylvania, renowned for the highest quality temperate hardwood forests in the world, Lewis Lumber Products uses timber carefully harvested by our sister company, Dwight Lewis Lumber. We strive to use only sustainable forest resources that cause negligible disturbance to the environment.


As logs are sawn into lumber, dried and graded, experienced and skilled people at Dwight Lewis Lumber are in place to ensure that waste is minimized while resources are maximized. Lewis Lumber Products then sorts and mills the fine wood guaranteeing only quality products reach your door. From the experienced and helpful sales staff to the knowledgeable and quality conscious production crew we strive for the highest standard of excellence.


Forest Stewardship Council

FSC® Certified

We are FSC® chain of custody certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Our goal is to provide a raw material timber source that is renewable and sustainable through forest management practices that assure healthy timber resources for future generations.


Hardwood and Softwood Mouldings

We offer a full line of mouldings (also spelled "moldings") for your building needs. Download our moulding catalog which includes a variety of in stock moulding profiles: crown mouldings, case mouldings, general trim mouldings, base mouldings, window and door trim moulding and wainscot and chair rail mouldings.

Flooring and Paneling
Flooring is available as a straight butt-joint, and v-groove edges are available at no extra charge. Paneling edges can be butt-joint, v-groove or beaded. Our standard flooring is 3/4" thick and is available in a variety of widths (standard, natural, select wide, select wide random). Other thicknesses are available through custom requests.


FSC® Product Lines
Lewis Lumber Products and Dwight Lewis Lumber are FSC® chain of custody certified by the Rainforest Alliance. This certification ensures that a copmany's forestry practices are independently and objectively evaluated to meet the standards set forth by the Forest Stewardship Council®.


IPE Decking
A South American hardwood, IPE (Tabebuia serratifolia) is one of hardest woods on Earth. Because of its hardness and ability to resist decay, IPE is superior for decks, patios, piers, boat docks, outdoor furniture, walkways and poolside benches. IPE requires no chemical preservatives to keep it smooth and splinter free and it is naturally safe.
With a durability rating of 25-plus years by the U.S. Forest Products Lab, IPE is competitively priced and comparable to cedar, redwood or composite decking.


Wood Oils
We carry Bush Oil and Penofin these products can be used on a variety of our wood products to protect the wood and bring out the natural wood characteristics. Please contact us for more information.


Wood Selection Tips
Not sure which grade to select when shopping for wood?

Grade A: FAS / F1F, Select and Better: This is the highest quality of hardwood lumber and will yield long, clear pieces with very little waste.

Grade B, #1, Common: A great value for the woodworker looking to get several long, wide cuts, or longer narrow cuts in a board.

Grade C, #2, Common: This grade of lumber is good for the woodworker looking to use the natural characteristics (knots, worm holes, discoloration) or looking for 1-foot or 2-foot cuts. Also good for small crafts and interior furniture parts.


Wood Characteristics
Lewis Lumber Products offers 19 varieties of hardwoods and softwoods including aromatic cedar, ash, basswood, beech, birch, black walnut, butternut, cherry, curly cherry, curly maple, elm, Eastern White Pine, hard maple, hickory, mahogany, red oak, soft maple, white oak and yellow poplar. Browse this site for photographs, common characteristics and common uses of each lumber variety that we stock.


Contact Us
More than just a lumber company, Lewis Lumber Products is dedicated to providing the highest quality lumber products, including FSC® products to meet your needs.

Lewis Lumber Products
P.O. Box 356
30 S. Main St.
Picture Rocks, PA 17762-0356
USA Phone: (800) 233-8450 / Fax: (570) 584-4466
E-mail: info@lewislp.com


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